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The Center for Research on College-Workforce Transitions has recently begun a research project to understand the career development needs of working learners at UW-Parkside. In a recent survey of 2017-2018 UW-Parkside graduates, more than 40% of respondents reported working off-campus for pay for more than 30 hours per week. This figure is reflective of growing numbers of students across the country who are simultaneously managing schoolwork and significant work commitments. CCWT’s exploratory research study will examine the contexts and experiences of working learners in an effort to help institutions strategically support and promote positive postgraduate career outcomes for this critical student population. The research project team members include Matthew Hora (PI) and Jacklyn John Fischer, a doctoral student in the department of Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The project is funded by the University of Wisconsin-Parkside.