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CCWT regularly hosts webinars that are organized around specific topics where staff and students speak with scholars active in the fields of higher education, workforce development, and related topics.

To check out videos from past events visit our CCWT YouTube channel.

2022 Webinar Series

Familia/Family as Counterspace for Students of Color in Postsecondary STEM Contexts: A Conversation with Dr. Blanca Rincón

Wednesday, April 27, 12pm-1pm CST. Register here.

In this webinar, Dr. Blanca Rincón will discuss what can be learned from taking an asset-based approach to the study of broadening participation in STEM. Drawing on qualitative data from 30 Students of Color pursuing STEM majors at five Predominantly White Institutions in the Northeastern United States, she surfaces how students (re)create familial relationships with peers, staff, and administrators on campus, and how those familial-like relationships serve as counterspaces that recognize and reinforce familial knowledge and resources that nurture persistence for Students of Color in STEM.

Transformational learning through high school internships: A discussion of best practices

Wednesday, April 27, 11am-12pm CST. Register here.

Join the leadership and educators from Big Picture Learning for a discussion of best practices for supporting transformational learning through high school internships.


CCWT Reading Group Discussion

Friday, April 29th, 1pm-2pm CST. Register here.

The Center for Research on College Workforce Transitions conducts a book reading discussion group on topics related to education research and the philosophy of education for staff and graduate students at UW-Madison. For the Spring 2022 group, we will be reading a collection of essays and political-economic analysis by disability activist and journalist Marta Russell, titled Capitalism and disability (2019, Haymarket Books). Please click on the link below to register for the discussion, which is scheduled for April 29th, 1-2pm CST.

The event will be moderated by Matthew Wolfgram.



Past Webinars

Data Equity and Why it is Important to Southeast Asian Americansccwt_flyer_ Data Equity and Why it is Important to Southeast Asian Americans

Event Recoding

Friday, April 8 from 1pm-2pm CST

Guest: Kaying Yang

KaYing Yang will share her journey through a three-decade long career in public policy and community service for Southeast and Asian Americans. Her talk will highlight the importance of data equity, its implications for policy and institutional leaders when making accurate and equitable decisions that best benefit impacted communities.

Social and Motivational Interventions to Broadening Participation in STEM

Tuesday, March 1st from 11am to 12pm CST

Special Guest: Dr. Dr. Paul Hernandez, Texas A&M University

It is widely recognized that the U.S. needs to attract, retain, and adequately prepare a larger and more diverse Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) workforce to accelerate innovation and discovery, maintain global competitiveness, and expand economic prosperity. Intensive undergraduate research experiences (UREs), as well as mentoring and role modeling programs, are recognized as part of the solution for attracting and retaining more diverse and talented college students into STEM degrees. However, methodological limitations in the extant research have posed a replicability challenge for multifaceted programs and less is known about the underlying process linking activities and professional relationships to positive outcomes. Dr. Hernandez will discuss his program of research aimed at illuminating the impact and processes linking activities to broader participation in STEM careers.



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