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Documenting Higher Education for Refugees in WisconsinRefugee experiences with higher education and careers in Wisconsin

The study is an ethnographic inquiry to investigate the pathways and obstacles that refugees face accessing and succeeding in college and transitioning to the post-college workforce in Wisconsin. Stage 1 of the project, which is ongoing, is to interview, observe, and collect documents about the work of a sample of refugee resettlement providers, higher education educators and administrators, and refugee community leaders who support higher education for refugees; and Stage 2 will be to ethnographically track students’ experiences with this process through interviews and observations as they work toward the goal of college attainment. This research will be the first of its kind to document the policy and sociocultural contexts of the resettlement-college-workforce transition process, and to document ethnographically how refugees manage and experience this process. Read the research report on higher education for refugees in Wisconsin (PDF).

Refugee experiences with higher education and careers in Wisconsin one page brief (PDF).