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Conducting applied research that promotes the academic and career success of all students – regardless of race/ethnicity, identity, socio-economic status, or access to social capital – as they transition from college to the workforce.

CCWT announces launch of National Survey of College Internships in October 2021
CCWT announces launch of National Survey of College Internships in October 2021
Supporting Black Interns through Vicarious Racial Trauma: Policy Recommendations for Employers and Postsecondary Institutions
Research Brief #13
TCR Report

Closing the Doors of Opportunity: A Field Theoretic Analysis of the Prevalence and Nature of Obstacles to College Internships

HER Report

On the intersectional amplification of barriers to college internships: A comparative case study analysis

NSCI Report

Summary report from 2021 National Survey of College Internships released

Exploring Online Internships

CCWT issues report on online internships during the Covid-19 pandemic

Review of Literature

CCWT publishes new literature review on internships at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

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CCWT Webinar Series

All of CCWT’s past webinars and live seminars – ranging from discussions of internships in China, CBPAR, Latinx students and work, and internships in HBCUs – are available on our YouTube channel.


About Us

The mission of the Center for Research on College to Workforce Transitions (CCWT) is to conduct and support research, critical policy analysis, and public dialogue on student experiences with the transition from college to the workforce in order to inform policies, programs, and practices that promote academic and career success for all learners.

CCWT is currently engaged in three distinct yet inter-related areas of inquiry in service of our mission and principles: (1) students’ experiences with college internships and the impact of these programs on their economic, vocational, and psychosocial outcomes; (2) Community Based Participatory Action Research on students’ experiences with institutional, cultural, and structural forces that influence their transitions to the workforce; and, (3) educational and outreach activities that build community and disseminate actionable knowledge to policymakers, practitioners, researchers and students regarding college-workforce topics. CCWT also views college-workforce issues as inextricably linked to three of the defining issues of our time: racial injustice, income inequality, and climate change.

Publications & News

January 2022

Dr. Mindi Thompson joins Dr. Matthew Hora as CCWT co-Director

December 2021                                 

The Role of Socioeconomic Status and Internships on Early Career Earnings: Evidence for Widening and Rerouting Pathways to Social Mobility                                                                                                            Wolfgram, Vivona and Akram publish new paper on intersectional amplification of barriers to college internships in Harvard Educational Review

November 2021
Hora, Wolfgram, Chen and Lee publish new paper on internship obstacles in the Teachers College Record

August 2021
National Survey of College Internships (NSCI) 2021 Report

August 2021
Hora, Benbow and Lee publish new paper in the Journal of the Learning Sciences

August 2021
Results from the 1-year longitudinal follow-up analysis for the College Internship Study at Northeastern Illinois University

May 2021
Online internship report featured in Inside Higher Education

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64% of students who did not take an internship had desired to do so but could not due to scheduling conflicts with work, insufficient pay, and lack of placements in their disciplines.