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Labor Market Data - Skilled Non-College Occupations

Hmoob Study Staff

This research project aims to (1) critically assess existing definitions of skilled non-college occupations, also known as “middle-skill” jobs, or jobs that require significant training after high school but do not typically require a bachelor’s degree; (2) offer a new definition if existing definitions are proven to be unsatisfactory; (3) provide an in-depth exploratory analysis of skilled non-college occupations in the U.S. at the national, state and sub-state levels; (4) analyze the economic, social, and public policy implications that can be derived from the empirical identification of skilled non-college occupations. The goal of the project is to offer the most rigorous and comprehensive analysis to date of skilled non-college occupations in the U.S., aiming to inform post-secondary education and training decisions at the individual and societal levels.

Skilled Non-College Occupations in the U.S. (blog postresearch brieffull report
Skilled Non-College Occupations in Wisconsin (in progress)
Skilled Non-College Occupations After the Great Recession (in progress)