Get Involved

Do you want to learn more and get involved in the exciting work at CCWT? Here are some opportunities to consider.

Teacher and student going over papers together

Internship Program

CCWT hosts an internship program for undergraduate and graduate students interested in gaining research experience in studying the college-workforce transitions process. Interns work directly with CCWT staff on a variety of research and policy analysis initiatives. Interested students should send their CV and an email describing their interest in an internship at CCWT to Assistant Director Matthew Wolfgram.

Grants Program

The Research Grants Program of CCWT is intended to support research projects with budgets up to $20,000 or less that focus on student experiences with the college-workforce transition process. Successful proposals will be consistent with the mission of CCWT, which is to support applied research that ultimately informs policies, programs and practices that promote academic and career success for all learners.

CCWT Seminar Series

CCWT is sponsoring a series of talks by scholars and practitioners in the area of college-workforce transitions.